Bitcoin is a protocol, open source project and network peer-to-peer is used as cryptocurrency, payment system and goods and technology that implements blockchain .

Investments in Arbitration Bots and Masternodos.


Kuailian is a company that is dedicated to creating Masternodos to verify transactions in the blockchain. The investment is in Etherium and the daily payments.

The Nimbus Platform or Nimbus Core is a modular software platform based on Fintech applications that integrates cryptography and blockchain with traditional investment products and cryptocurrency arbitrage, providing users with a range of services of unique investment.

It is an online platform on which you can install the various investment applications available and with them obtain a very attractive return.


Frequently asked questions

Where to buy Bitcoins?

In Coinbase , Wirex , Bit2me , crypto (referral code 9yve9p8xz5) you can buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. After registering and filling out the KYC (Know Your Customer) you can buy Bitcoins with a debit, credit card or bank transfer.

Where to check the price of the BTC?

In Coinmarketcap you can check the variation of the price of Bitcoin and the rest of cryptocurrencies.

What is Bitcoin halving?

It is the halving of the reward that miners get for adding a new block to the blockchain.

What is an arbitration bot?

Cryptocurrency arbitration is the result of taking advantage of a price difference in the same cryptocurrency in two different exchanges or brokers, and thus obtaining a profit. The arbitration bots do this automatically 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Arbistar and Torquebot are arbitration bots.

What is a Masternode?

A master node or masternode is a type of complete node that is responsible for carrying out a series of tasks or services in the blockchain network to which it is connected. These nodes can be executed by anyone, but for this you must possess a certain amount of cryptocurrency and retain them in a kind of contract.

Where do I keep the bitcoins?

There are several wallets (wallets) to store Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Exodus is a wallet that you can use on your mobile or PC.


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